James & the Giant Peach – final book cover

My final idea for the ‘James and the Giant Peach’ book cover.

Im happy with the outcome of this one and really like the bright, bold colours which I feel are perfect for a childrens book.

Each section on the front are water colours with different embroidery (which hopefully reflects ‘opening up a new world’)

‘The wall’ – project brief

Module G4 competition and commission 2010/2011

Project brief: 02

Your brief is to research the visual design possibilities that could be appropriate for the promoting and establishing the identity of the (new) gallery that will occupy the ground floor of the ‘City Campus’ building.

Points to consider: e.g. colour ways, metaphors, images and appropriate typestyles.

Description and content

You are being asked to design a brand/identity for this new gallery. The identity will act as a visual emissary for the school and the University, aiding the promotion of its philosophies and aspirations; also students and staff will have the opportunity to exhibit their work. As well, it helps in attracting potential students.

Initially we would like you to explore (in broad terms) the theme ‘the wall’. A creative solution is an important consideration but above all, good, skilfully and considered typography and a well thought out and intelligent design solution is essential.

The senior staff members and the Dean of the School of Art, Media and Design will judge the design proposals. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to have a piece of high quality work in your portfolio that is (commercial) printed in full colour.



The main subject for the new logo will be the new university building. Here are a few of the photographs of the building and surrounding area (apologies for the quality of the pictures – they were captured on my phone)

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Project: Create a new document in InDesign. Your page size is 270 x 270 mm. Create a grid with 5mm margins all around and four vertical columns, 5mm gutters. When your document appears on screen, use guidelines to divide the grid again horizontally. Arrange the text below on the grid. Create three different designs on three different pages, all using the same underlying grid. You may use any typeface that was designed in Switzerland. Suggestions: Helvetica, Frutiger, Univers, Sabon. Do two layouts using 12-pt type only, and one layout that introduces one additional size of type.