Final year of uni begins.

All enrolled and the final year of uni is about to begin. We have been set a summer project to design a poster of our favourite word which will later be displayed in the Graphic Design Alumni Exhibition.


2011 will bring major changes at the University of Wales Newport. The School of Art Media and Design is to be rebranded and Graphic Design, one of its most successful programmes, is closing after 45 very years.

In addition to this we will soon witness the retirement of Paul Morris Adrian Newman and Rob Mason, who have been central to much of the design philosophy of the School.

We would like to celebrate the ‘end of this era’ by holding a Graphic Design Alumni Exhibition demonstrating the quality and diversity of the work produced by former Newport Graphic Design students.

We thought it would be great fun to ask everyone invited, to respond to a student project brief called ‘my favourite word’. Whilst the main focus of the exhibition at the New Campus gallery will be everyone’s response to this theme, the exhibition will also be complemented by a publication and supporting website which will include a comprehensive selection of the exhibitors professional work.

We want as varied an outcome as we can possibly get, so don’t think for one moment that we are only looking for a typographic solution.The Graphics course has produced many students who have gone on to become successful practitioners in a wide field of associated activities, ranging from publishing, illustration, printmaking, television and filmmaking, and whilst the expectation from most people will be a PDF file, we will accommodate anything, be it illustrative, filmic, photographic, or 3D. However, we do need to know your intentions in time to prepare, so please note the deadlines below.

Clearly the success of this exhibition depends upon an enthusiastic response from everyone out there and since this is an event which we are all looking forward to, we sincerely hope that you will be able to contribute, and if possible attend the opening, network with old colleagues and party, or at the very least, be included in a commemorative catalogue.

The show would be based upon work submitted by current third year GD students, ex-students and members of staff, in response to this theme. Each exhibitor would produce a piece of work in a medium that expressed his or her particular expertise and specialism. In addition, each would have a live web link showing the range of their work, allowing the audience to interact with the broad scope of their activities.



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