Documentary Photography project

Our final project for the year was to work with students from the Documentary Photography course and produce books of their photos.

1. Hollie – confessions. Hollie chose to visit churches and other religious buildings around the UK to capture the certain spaces reserved for holy confessions. The outcomes were interesting and as the importance of religion for most people has dropped over the years, many of the photos captured empty spaces with just a chair of even of a child’s play table which was used for the handful of people who chose to visit the priest. Some spaces of course illustrated the old and stereotypical images we all hold.

2. Lizzie – Postboxes.

Lizzie originally had an idea for a ‘banksy’ style project and began to photograph landscapes, streets etc. The images were then to be photoshopped and the famous painting, The Haywain (by John Constable) was to be added.

Postboxes was the final choice. Lizzie lives in Bristol so all of the images were captured there – the postbox itself and then the image infront of the postbox (streets, walls, empty spaces, shops etc.). The idea was to have 2 images per A4 landscape page and therefore 4 images on an open spread. 2 postcards were sent from the actual postbox that was captured, these were then scanned in and situated in the same position as the photo so if cut up it would act as an actual postcard.


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