New brief: April 2011

Project brief: 04

Your brief is to develop a total branding solution that would be appropriate for promoting and establishing the identity of an existing Cardiff stationary store – The Pen and Paper Stationary Company.

Solutions to resolve:

1. A logo – “The Pen and Paper”

2. Stationary (letterhead including VAT and erg no, business cards and compliment slip)

3. Bags

4. Website (design only 3 pages. Homepage, product page and contact page)

5. Photography

Points to consider: e.g. colour palette, appropriate typestyles and images in the form of royalty free stock photography, and their web presence.


You are being asked to design a total brand for this stationary company. The identity will provide on street appeal AND web appeal for the consumer. They have a large frontage store in Cardiff and existing customers, however wish to appeal to a younger fresh market using the web also.

The clients come from a creative viewpoint and have expressed love for fresh,clean, sexy and aspirational design. They have given brands such as Audi, BMW as inspiration. Also a preference for white, beige, aluminium/silver and blue as possible colour ways – although this it not written in stone. Considered typography and a well thought out and intelligent design solution is an essential.

The logo should be typographic, but currently they also use a logogram.

The website will be designed by you, but as photoshop visuals only – these will be spliced and the back end written by an external web design company.

The senior staff members and the clients will judge the design proposals. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to have a piece of high quality work in your portfolio that is (commercially) printed in full colour.

Here are a few photos of the mood boards which were provided to us:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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