Project brief: Blurring edges/Re-defining boundaries

The traditional magazine is essentially a bound collection of related news items, articles and features with accompanying photographs/illustrations on a given subject or theme.

Project task:

1. The concept: Propose a fresh and new kind of magazine and develop an editorial and visual treatment for it and its wrapper.

2. The face: “You can’t judge a book by its cover” – Inventing a title name is the first task. Make this from at least two syllables taken from each of the two subject areas you have chosen as your interests.

3. The body copy – Unique title and the subjects represented by it, the current top news stories/issues/debates covered by your title, the images that you will produce to illustrate your top news stories/issues/debates.

4. The target audience: Who will buy this magazine? Think about who might advertise in your publication and what product or service would they be selling?

5. The format: Be inventive and don’t be afraid to experiment! The only restriction on what you design is that it should be cut from and use the entire area of an A0 sheet of paper (1189mm x 841mm)

6. Grids: You will manage the problems of visual coherence by utilising some kind of underlying grid structure.

7. Methodology: We are interested in seeing evidence of research, development and outcome at the end of the project with thoughtful analysis applied to all these stages of the design process.

8. Skills audit: Use this project to identify the graphic design and other skills, disciplines and methodologies you particularly want to develop.

9. Sounds interesting? As the magazine begins to take shape materially, we want you to consider what aspects of your content could be posted to your blog.

The two subjects I have chosen are FILM and FASHION which results in my magazine title: FFION.

Instead of just Fion I chose to add the extra ‘F’ – first reason being both the topics begin with the same letter and the second being I could advertise the magazine in the same field as previous girl magazine’s such as ‘Jackie’ and ‘Bella’. The extra ‘F’ also provides a welsh girl’s name – Ffion.

I have always been fascinated with Hollywood – old and new and therefore decided to give my magazine a Hollywood theme (a one off ‘Hollywood edition’). I will be exploring both fashion and films within Hollywood and how both have been influenced by the other.

Images representing Hollywood:

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