Manfredi Nicoletti

Manfredi Nicoletti sees architecture as a metaphor for nature. His work proposes sustainable bioclimatic solutions inspired by, rather than based upon, natural forms.

Putrajaya Waterfront : Malaysian Development 

“The building should have a uniqueness that tells of its place of origin, which is culturally modern, Islamic and tropical in nature. This group of houses is on the artificial lake, so we conceived a complex of elements, like a fleet, each one inspired by a boat.”

 – Manfredi Nicoletti 

Arezzo Law Court

 Arezzo, Italy

Key projects
Hall of Justice, Arezzo, Italy, 2007
Astana State Auditorium for 3500 seats, Kazakhstan, 2009
Nigeria National Complex, Abuja, Nigeria, 2009
Putrajaya Precinct 4 Waterfront development, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2010
Palermo Sport Palace, Italy, 2001
Hall of Justice, Reggio Calabria, Italy, 2009
University City of Udine, Italy, 2001
Agrigento Main General Hospital, 2001
MoWa Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Poland, 2007
New Acropolis Museum, Athens, 1997

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